Monday, February 21, 2011

Movies i've watched :)

Recently I've been watching alot of movies lately and I was bored out of mind so I decided to give you guys my opinion about them.... sooo yaa lol

1.) "Where the Wild Things Are"

Ok so overall I didn't like it because the dark and angry feeling of the movie, it felt like they were fighting with each other the whole movie! The costumes of the monsters were great but the mood of the movie just ruined it for me, the scene were Carol tears off the bird monsters arm was horrifying to my younger cousin (who is 11)! It had some scenes I liked but ya overall I give it 1 out of 5 stars. ( I apologize to people who like this movie!)

2.)Gremlins 2 the New Batch

This movie is actually super awsome. I loved this movie it had a good story and the gremlins always look cool to me, I always love the part when they mutate it's just cool to watch them transform and have powers , my personal favorite is the female gremlin Greta and my younger brother loves the crazy one in the dentist outfit named Daffy. It had good characters in the movie (new and old) and Gizmo was as cute as ever. Hopefully they make a part three my rating of this movie 5 out of 5 (sorry if you don't like the movie)

3.) Critters

Okay theres a farm, aliens land, and BAM !destruction. This movie had good characters like gremlins but I wasn't very satisfied with the movie plot because their in the house the whole time! Sure their are some other scenes away from the house but most of the time it's focused on the house, that and the critters didn't scare me at all..sure there dangerous but they are super small. Overall I give this movie a 3 out of 5 . ( My brother loves this movie just to see the critters)

4.) Kiki's Delivery Service

This movie was soooooo cute I loved it soo much. The characters and everything was sooo beautiful and cute. I love Kiki's personality she is just so awsome haha, i've been asking my friend to watch it with me but he's not an anime movie fan :( haha oh well his loss.

Overall the story was great and the characters were fun the art is gorgeous and I give it a 6 out of 5.

5.) Scott Pilgrim

This movie was good, if your couple you should go see this movie :) or if your just intrested go see it! It had good plot , I loved how she had seven evil x's , that was a genius idea! (why couldn't i think of that -__-) Ramona and Scott were soo cute together and I really enjoyed the movie and characters. I also love how it has a video game style to it ( I went out and bought the scott pilgrim game :D ). Although this movie did have some boring parts and I also got lost in the storyline because it was confusing at first but ya i give this movie a 4 out of 5.

Thanks For reading !

LOVE Kawaii Tutu :)

Monday, January 10, 2011


Hiya everyone? Was everyones christmas good? And how about 2011, is it good so far? I just wanted to share that I like hearing what people got and how their holidays were so if you feel like tellin someone you can tell me cause i'm not that busy to lend an ear welll ya see ya :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Konbanwa! And Hello from Yours Truly. I have been so busy with school and family I haven't blogged for like a month or whatever. I have also been writing about new anime ideas and video game ideas Me and my brother are total dweebs when it comes to video games and anime lol. Well I gotta go for now sorry for my blog being sooooo short! Ima no tokoro baibai!
P.s. I'm going to see the new Harry Potter for my b-day tommorow.

Taizai Kawaii ~ Kawaii Tutu

Friday, November 5, 2010


Lol just great..... I caught the flu and it's horrible! I hate being sick because I can't even go outside and enjoy myself..... oh well hopefully it goes quickly....... welll before I go off to bed I would like to ask if anyone out there knows an idea for a winter girls name please tell me if ya do :D wellllll bye bye!!! P.S. I think I might not blog for while since I'm really busy...


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Anime Artist & Halloween Decor~

Hello thar readers how ya doin? My little world has been going awsome ,school is hard, but fun. I've been SUPER tired lately but I've slept just fine...weird...But anyways enough about me I wanted to see if anybody out there new any really good anime artists! If you do please leave a comment ^__^ ................ A couples days ago me and my family started decorating the house for halloween and is turning out ghoulishly FANTASTIC!!! We have this cool Skeleton/Angel Hung up in the yard that's at least 5 ft ,we also have really cute solar powered pumpkins that light up the yard at night and just some other creepy little things in and around the house~ And finally we've all decided what were going as!! I'm going as a anime sorceress ,my sister as Malice (a dark version of Alice), My mother is going as La Llorona (Look it up!),my cousin as Soul from soul eater, and finally my baby niece as Maka from soul eater! Woo hoo some people in my family finally went anime like me!! XD lol Welll that's all I really got on my mind today have a great day/afternoon/evening!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hello everyone soo how are ya? I've been quite busy with school lately and very tired.And I thought I should blog just to let everyon know what i'm up to right now...

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Hello there folllowers and readers! Whats up? I've been sooooo busy with school latley that I haven't blogged for a week at least....I've also been playing this game called Rune Factory Frontier. It's really fun but I have absolutley no clue how to make the bouquet. I already have my friendship/Love points to 10 points ,I have all the ingredients to the wedding bouquet,my house is level 2, and I have a big bed. The only problem is that my forge won't let me make the bouquet...anyone know why?? My level in crafts is 44 but it still won't let me make the bouquet!!If anyone has an answer plz plz tell me!!! Anyways back to real life I'm getting ready for halloween!!! I still have no idea what I should go as any suggestions? Me and my family are planning a huge halloween party this year with a creepy maze too! I'm so excited! Welll that's all I guess for now....but still if anyone knows the answerto the bouquet thing let me know!
Kay Bye!