Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Anime Artist & Halloween Decor~

Hello thar readers how ya doin? My little world has been going awsome ,school is hard, but fun. I've been SUPER tired lately but I've slept just fine...weird...But anyways enough about me I wanted to see if anybody out there new any really good anime artists! If you do please leave a comment ^__^ ................ A couples days ago me and my family started decorating the house for halloween and is turning out ghoulishly FANTASTIC!!! We have this cool Skeleton/Angel Hung up in the yard that's at least 5 ft ,we also have really cute solar powered pumpkins that light up the yard at night and just some other creepy little things in and around the house~ And finally we've all decided what were going as!! I'm going as a anime sorceress ,my sister as Malice (a dark version of Alice), My mother is going as La Llorona (Look it up!),my cousin as Soul from soul eater, and finally my baby niece as Maka from soul eater! Woo hoo some people in my family finally went anime like me!! XD lol Welll that's all I really got on my mind today have a great day/afternoon/evening!!