Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer and Halloween lol

Hmm well Summer is halfway over and it's been fun over here.Its been very very hot so thats been sucking,I went out the other day to swim and I could feel the heat right as I stepped out it was nasty.Hmm I have to find a new bathing suit for friends pool party this weekend but im having no luck at all right now. Anyways I'm having fun with my family we recently flew to sandiego to go to Legoland for my nephew's birthday so that was fun.I've also been reading the Soul Eater Magna wich is kinda different from the Anime.Hehe and Yesterday my cousin was already wondering what she should be for halloween.So we both went on the internet to get some ideas,she hasn't decided yet My mother is also thinking about halloween already and started looking for halloween decorations for her house on ebay,she's decided to do a haunted house this year for kids to go through.I personally love Halloween too i 'm just not thinking about this early hehe When I tell my mother that she always tells me "It's never to early to think about halloween!" lol

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hello thar!

Hiya I just wanted to say im new to blogger and im a BIG fan of japanese stuff like anime,magna and accesories from there. So....yeah..hehe alot people wouldn't think a girl like me would be intrested in this stuff because im usally really serious XD But when I see japanese things I go fan girl crazy hehe.Kawaii things are a part of my life I even try drawing some cute sushi and some other things to but I still got a long way to go with my drawings.I have a bunch of Anime I like.A new one I like is called Fruits Basket my friend Saleena gave me when she got back from japan,Im so lucky to have a friend from japan ^^ P.s You HAVE 2 follow meh kay? lol jk you don't have 2 XD