Sunday, September 12, 2010


Hello there folllowers and readers! Whats up? I've been sooooo busy with school latley that I haven't blogged for a week at least....I've also been playing this game called Rune Factory Frontier. It's really fun but I have absolutley no clue how to make the bouquet. I already have my friendship/Love points to 10 points ,I have all the ingredients to the wedding bouquet,my house is level 2, and I have a big bed. The only problem is that my forge won't let me make the bouquet...anyone know why?? My level in crafts is 44 but it still won't let me make the bouquet!!If anyone has an answer plz plz tell me!!! Anyways back to real life I'm getting ready for halloween!!! I still have no idea what I should go as any suggestions? Me and my family are planning a huge halloween party this year with a creepy maze too! I'm so excited! Welll that's all I guess for now....but still if anyone knows the answerto the bouquet thing let me know!
Kay Bye!

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